Where to buy Medipore tape

  1. 3m Medipore soft cloth surgical tape
  2. Medipore H tape

3m Medipore soft cloth surgical tape

3m medipore tape

3m Medipore tape

Soft cloth surgical tape hits the sales at amazom.com because of the cheap cost and high quality. The average cost of the 3m tape is $14.95 but right now it’s available for $7.76 which means you save 50% and that’s huge. As a bonus, free shipping is provided on the orders over $49.99.

3M Mediocre is the company which produces medical tape of a high quality. The product is made of a soft cloth which is very comfortable to wear and easy to apply, provides no contours and is flexible while the body is moving.

Medipore H tape

medipore tape sizes

Medipore tape sizes

If you`re still looking for Medipore H tape best price offers, try nexcare.com and save up to $6.00 on each tape. Comparing Medipore H Tape and 3M Tape, the first one has some advantages:

  • Medipore H Tape is more gentle and soft
  • Is of higher adhesion
  • Is latex-free and hypoallergenic
  • Excellent water resistance
  • Indispensable in surgical department

Find out more information about 3M Medipore tape sizes in our next review.

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3M Medipore tape is also available at woundcareshop.com for a cheap cost and free shipping bonus. Getting it online is much easier as you save money and get fast delivery. This tape is suggested in the following applications: post-surgery dressing, wound covering, securing stretch skin area, provides antibacterial effects.

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