Where to buy wagon wheel chandeliers cheap

How to make a wagon wheel chandelier

Wagon wheel chandelier parts

Wagon wheel chandelier parts

A wagon wheel chandelier made of wood and metal is available at amazon.com for the most attractive cost ever. Free shipping is provided, besides, the retailer gives 100% product guarantee. The delivery is fast up to four days depending on your location.

The antique wagon wheel chandelier has the following characteristics:

  • Reminds authentic wheel
  • Has six 60 watt down lights
  • Amber glass shade
  • Mounting hardware is included
Antique wagon wheel chandelier

Antique wagon wheel chandelier

Catch more discounts for antique wagon wheel chandelier parts at calibex.com where the cost is decreased up to 35% present from the initial price. Free shipping is guaranteed for each client within USA and the delivery takes just a few days.

You might also find this site useful if you want to make the same chandelier on your own for a wedding or some other theme party. As you can see all you need is to find a wagon wheel and buy a few country style lights and then match them together.

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Still, if it`s too difficult for you to make such type of wagon wheel chandelier parts, than follow stuccu.com and get one item for $450.99. Surely, it sounds a bit pricy but in comparison with other chain of shops this price is really low as the quality of the product is very high.

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